Saturday, May 16, 2009

1968 AMX 390 For Sale In Texas

1968 AMX 390 for sale in Texas. AMX meant "American Motors Experimental" This American Automobile was the first steel bodied two seater since the 57 T-Bird started as a prototype in 1966. The Base V-8 was a 290 cubic inch 225 horsepower. Engine options included a 343 cubic inch 280 horsepower and a 390 cubic inch 315 horsepower V-8. In the 1/4 this car could do 95mph at 14.8 seconds. This 1968 AMX 390 had a 97 inch wheelbase, reclining bucket seats and woodgrain interior trim. 6,725 cars were built and the average price was $3,245.00. Most famous were the 50 Special "Craig Breedlove" AMX. This Muscle Car is painted Bittersweet Orange.