Thursday, November 22, 2012

1971 Dodge Dart 440 V8

This is a 1971 Dodge Dart for sale!

Like the rest of Detroit Dodge entered the 1971 model year knowing that the days of absolute horsepower was drawing rapidly to a close. Consequently, 1971 was the end of the line for much of the performance options that buyers wanted.

Something about the fourth generation Dodge Dart demands a big engine and drag radials. This awesome red 1971 Dodge Dart model are great reminders of how much fun these cars can be. It Features a pro built 440 horsepower V8, 3 speed automatic transmission, Dana 60 rear end, drag-ready suspension and a fully functional interior.

At under $30,000.00 you can have fun blowing the doors off of other muscle cars and still have money left over for gas, tires and oil. Does hot rodding get any better than this. Find a Dodge Muscle car for sale HERE!