Sunday, December 30, 2012

1964 Barracuda For Sale In Texas

The 1964 Plymouth Barracuda was introduced April 1, 1964 just 2 weeks before Ford introduced its Mustang. Ford offered Mustangs as a coupe or convertible. Plymouth only offered the 1964 Barracuda as a fastback. 23,443 Cuda's were made in 1964.

The 64 Cuda was a unique fastback with the largest single piece of window glass ever installed in a passenger automobile. Barracuda's interior was plush with carpeting and padded bucket seats. But what made the Barracuda interior especially unique was the rear passenger and storage area.

The standard Barracuda engine was a 170 cubic inch six cylinder rated at a 101 horsepower. A 225 cubic inch 145 horsepower slant six was also available. The Barracuda became a muscle car when Plymouth's top of the line 273 cubic inch V-8 that was rated at 260 horsepower. Transmissions available included a three speed, four speed and a three speed Torqueflite automatic transmission with dash mounted push button gear selector.